Begin with a brief stop in Honolulu, before flying onto cosmopolitan Vancouver. Head into the heart of the Canadian Rockies and discover majestic landscapes, towering peaks, sparking turquoise lakes and gushing rivers. Board VIA Rail for the overnight train journey back to Vancouver before embarking on an unforgettable 10 night cruise to Hawaii, visiting the beautiful islands of Maui and Hawaii, finishing in Oahu. Enjoy an overnight stop in Honolulu for some last minute relaxation or shopping before returning to Australia.

After the ritual of honi, or “sharing breath,” the revered Hawaiian invites us into his Halawa Valley home with a smile and to talk story. Lore of the island and the legacy of Kahunas, growing taro and the ancient practice of making poi—it’s not long before I feel like part of his extended ohana. Hiking through the valley, I can feel the “mana”—the spiritual and life energy— of this place.