Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada is a family owned and operated small ship expedition company specializing in the Canadian East Coast, Greenland and Arctic Canada, including the Northwest Passage. With over 28 years of experience, they have proven to be the lead operator in the regions their expeditions explore. Voyage in comfort aboard small vessels, to destinations few travellers will ever visit. Zodiac excursions from the ship enable you to photograph wildlife, explore coastlines, visit isolated communities and appreciate unspoiled nature at your own pace. Those who have travelled with Adventure Canada know an adventure is more than a tour, and that’s the true spirit of exploration.

Voyages are focused on wildlife viewing (polar bears, musk-ox, whales, caribou etc.), incredible scenery (icebergs, fiords, untouched mountain-scapes) and highly-informed and entertaining resource staff (culturalists, ornithologists, biologists, musicians, authors, etc.) The experience is about wild landscapes, untouched places, wildlife viewing and engaging with top-notch resource staff and like-minded travellers. Bold travellers have always yearned to explore the remote regions, today that spirit of exploration is Adventure Canada¹s guiding principle. Passengers are well-travelled, well-educated, discerning travellers. Shipboard programming is unique: engaging presentations, intimate performances, opportunities to share your own creativity and always, a million laughs. The programs are in-depth and educational, but with a heavy emphasis on fun as well. It¹s still a vacation after all!

Out of the Northwest Passage

Experience the lure of Canada’s high Arctic aboard an expedition cruise through the mythical Northwest Passage.  Designated a Canadian Signature Experience by Canadian Tourism, Adventure Canada’s Into the Northwest Passage and Out of the Northwest Passage voyages are the ultimate in expedition cruising.

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