Un-Cruise Adventures

Then pack, go, and discover! Our unmatched adventures go eye-to-eye with wildlife; one-on-one with culture; kayak and hike, or relive history from aboard an expedition vessel, upscale yacht, or turn-of-the-century coastal steamer. Uncover your small ship cruise—Alaska, Galápagos, Hawaiian Islands, Columbia & Snake Rivers, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, coastal Washington, and British Columbia. Unrushed. Uncrowded. Unbelievable.

Nobody does Alaska better, offers more variety, or provides adventure. Our diverse fleet of small ships, with just 22-84 guests each, is perfectly suited to foster uncommon encounters and unexpected experiences—Glacier Bay National Park and majestic fjords; rainforests and glaciers; hiking and kayaking; humpback whales and orca; bald eagles and sea birds; brown bears, black bears, and “polar bear plunges.” And no matter which ship you choose, our expert expedition teams guide you on a unique and unforgettable journey.

Synonymous with unbridled adventure and awe-inspiring encounters, stepping aboard our Alaska voyages also means impeccable service and expertise, and exclusive access. From the moment your adventure begins, you’ll feel our uncompromising dedication to your whole experience. It’s in the welcoming ambiance on-board, in our hand-crafted cuisine, and in happy hours that celebrate the day. It’s our onboard field experts eager to share knowledge, in peaceful moments of quiet to relish magnificent landscapes, and in opportunities to try new activities (snorkeling in Alaska, anyone?). Pack your bag and prepare to unleash your excitement.

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Unmatched Exclusivity

  • Unique and flexible itineraries
  • Off-the-beaten path explorations
  • Small-group, up-close discoveries
  • Unspoiled natural wonders
  • Insightful cultural history
  • No waiting in long lines

Unbelievable Ambiance

  • Casual and relaxed atmosphere
  • Fresh, handcrafted, regional cuisine
  • Exceptional, personalized service
  • High crew-to-guest ratio
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and amenities on board
  • Unforgettable camaraderie

Uncompromising Dedication

  • Licensed and certified onboard crew
  • Trained onboard leaders and guides
  • Decades of industry experience
  • Follow “Leave No Trace” practices
  • Sustainable seafood partner with Monterery Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program
  • Operate a responsible business


Denali National Park & Knik River Adventure

Complete your Alaskan adventure cruise with our pre-cruise land tour into Denali National Park, the wilderness surrounding the Knik River, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

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Family Discoveries

Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely noted, “it is a happy talent to know how to play.” And through our Family Discoveries program, we celebrate curiosity and wonderment of kids-at-heart of every age. Share a journey across generations—we welcome kids from age 8 to 98 (and beyond!) to experience magical wilderness, wildlife, and cultures together.

Kids 8-13 years save $500*

Bring the whole family—and extended family of friends—and create lifelong memories between children, grandparents, parents, aunts, siblings, cousins…

On our adventure and river cruises, a unique smorgasbord of activities creates opportunities for building bonds and having a lot of fun too:

  • Tide pool “treasure” hunts
  • Play “I-spy” with breaching whales and leaping dolphins
  • In costume, re-enact pioneers of the Oregon Trail
  • Good-natured “giddy-ups” on a burro ride
  • Polar plunges, rope swings from the bow, and paddle board racing

Family Discoveries Program:

  • Kids 8 years & older are welcomed aboard our vessels+, destinations, and departure dates
  • Save $500* per child, ages 8 to 13
  • Children 7 years & under may be allowed with pre-approval